BookClub is an Android application to help people exchange and sell books that they no longer need. The users can create a list of books that they wish to use as an exchange material and a list of books that they want to sell. The prices of books in sell-lists cannot exceed the first-hand price of the book. Similarly, the users can generate a list of books that they want to obtain via an exchange and a list of books that they want to buy. If there is a match such that 2 users have the books that each of them wishes to get, the system will notify users about the match. While finding matches, the system will consider user locations and user trust rates, too. If both sides approve the trade, then the users will be able to chat with each other and decide on the details of the trading process. If there has been no match for a user, the system will still make suggestions based on the user’s wish list, trade history, etc. Thanks to BookClub, book trading will be simpler, cheaper and more efficient than ever.

About Us

Mert Dönmezyürek

Creative Full Stack Developer

Mahin Khankishizade

Talented Backend Developer

Barış Eymür

Team Player, Loves Coding

Bikem Çamli

Perfect Team Member

Deniz Şen

Android Specialist